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July 11, 2010
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Cassandra Gray : Doll Mistress by FreakyStrawberry Cassandra Gray : Doll Mistress by FreakyStrawberry
~Entry for Seventh Sanctum's Twilight of the Vampires Contest~

[[ Entry submitted a few days ago...but I think my email got lost among the big wide world that is the internet...So now I'm not sure if this can still be used for the contest it is now past the due date...>o> ]]

Name Generated by Vampire Name Generator: Cassandra Gray

Cassandra Gray was not created by the typical, vampire bites victim, victim turns into vampire situation. In fact, she might not even be considered as a vampire at all; depending on your take/opinion on the way she was created. You see, Cassandra was born a common garden spider, only one of the many spiders born on that ordinary spring day. The only thing that set her apart were the strange red markings on her body, spread out sporadically in horizontal stripes from her eight beady black eyes to the tips of her hairy legs.

It will be these markings that bring her to her downfall.

Cassandra lived the first little bit of her life as a spider, spinning glorious webs to capture flying insect. She was content with her life, and found great pleasure in creating the most explicate webs known to spider kind. Her easy way of life was disturbed by none other than Mr. Gray, bug collector and servant in the King's court. It turns out that the King of the country had a slightly disturbing attraction towards unique bugs of every shape and size, and had appointed Mr. Gray as head of his bug and insect research team. Cassandra's markings were what made her stand out to Mr. Gray, and as a small spider with no powers against a human, she was easily captured.

Now Cassandra faces the idea of her short life ending even faster, with her body mounted on a crystal plate and presented to a Entomologist King. Desperate, Cassandra prayed to any deity that may listen for the power to escape from Mr. Gray. She was surprised when her prayers were answered. Cassandra woke up the night before she would appear in front of the king, to discover that physically, she was no longer a common little spider, but a human.

Confused, weak, and painfully hungry, Cassandra turned to the nearest living thing, Mr. Gray, and proceeded to suck out his blood through the punctures she created in his wrist. It was nothing like drinking the juices of insects caught in her web. The human blood rushed through her body. It was hot, painful, but not without satisfaction and pleasure. It gave her more energy than she could have ever wished for, and filled her to the core with a new found surge of power. It left her longing for more. However, it will be the first and last time that Cassandra will drink human blood from her own lips.

Nature does not like being disturbed, and that night Cassandra has done just that; not once, but two times. First with her unnatural transformation, and then by consuming the blood of a human.

As punishment, Cassandra's lips were sealed together. In fact, sewed together by some powerful force would be a better description. No blood of any creature will ever pass by her mouth again. But even still, Cassandra must feed, or risk starving to death in her new human form. (It seemed that her appetite has not changed, although her appearance is now greatly different. )

Using the web weaving skills she had patiently and cleverly developed over the years, Cassandra created a doll. This was no ordinary doll. Attached to Cassandra's fingers and controlled by strong silken threads, the doll acts as an extension of Cassandra's body. It will sneak out at night and finding sleeping individuals to draw blood from.

Bitter from the card life has dealt to her, Cassandra directed all her anger at Mr. Gray, and the foolish king who wanted to collect her. As Mr. Gray was already dead, Cassandra made sure the first victim of her doll was the King. She also adopted Mr. Gray's name, just to make sure she never forgets the man who made her suffer.

&Thus, the first vampire was born.
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Lomebririon Aug 29, 2010   Digital Artist
This is wonderful! Both the story and drawing are very well done!
spock11593 Jul 26, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
ya name is Cassandra Gray.
i'm being serious.
really? wow LOL
I got this name for a generator though xD
spock11593 Jul 30, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooooooh, love her hair Kio o wo
sank you :D
>o< I want a wig that color..LOL
xoAngelsEternityxo Jul 12, 2010   Writer
kekeke you have my permission to steal it ;D
xoAngelsEternityxo Jul 12, 2010   Writer
YESSSSSS!!! Sweeeeeet!
/runs away~~~<3
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